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Boston Police nabs suspects, how and where I found out about it. End of Terror series: part 1 of 2

On Friday night the Boston Police and other law enforcement officials nabbed suspect 2 in the City of Watertown, MA hiding inside a boat in someones back yard. The Police had called off the search and had gotten a tip from a resident saying that they had found the someone injured in his boat and it ended up being suspect 2. There was a brief stand off between the suspect and police had before suspect 2 was apprehended and taken into custody alive, but during the shootout either the one that just happened Friday night or the one that took place on early Friday morning suspect two was critically injured. His brother who is known as suspect 1 was shot and killed Friday morning, he died at a local hospital from his injuries from a shootout that had taken place after they claimed the life of an MIT police officer.

Suspect 2 is now at a local hospital and is in serious condition, so bad in fact that police did not get a chance to question him on Saturday. Suspect 2 is expected to live through his injuries so if he goes through questioning we may get some answers.

Now onto the part where I found out because this is interesting. As you know I spent a lot of my Friday updating the site with news updates as the City of Boston and 3 others were put on lock down as the police tried to get the suspect. However you also might as noticed the updates stopped after 3PM. I had other things to attend to, a family member stopped over for awhile. And that night I went to the Providence Bruins game.

It was at the Providence Bruins game that I found out, after the second period the PA announcer informed the crowd that suspect 2 was captured and at this point, the crowd went crazy with applause and the USA chant. This was a great moment, probably one of the best moments at a hockey game I have ever had. Surely there were a lot of questions I had and I got a couple texting back and forth with a friend.

But knowing that he was captured really eased my mind, I was concerned going into the game that something might happen, I admit I am a little bit of a chicken, but that uncertainty I think is warranted considering you don’t know if he still had explosives on him, you know he had a gun so if he came to the Dunkin Donuts Center in Providence he might have had a chance to do a little damage. I mean sure there were State Police cars outside of the Dunkin Donuts Center but this man earlier in the day avoided an army of police so two State Police cars did not really mean much to me.

So the ending to Friday was a positive one, a Providence Bruins win, a rare alcoholic beverage, and a captured terrorist, there is nothing better than that to start the weekend.