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Current Generation Video Game of the Year Candidates

Grand Theft Auto V, Picture taken from

This is likely to be the last year of games for current generation consoles (i.e. PS3 and Xbox 360) so this could be a big year for this generation of consoles before the transition over to PS4 and whatever the next Xbox is called. Games such as Grand Theft Auto V and The Last of Us will hopefully lead us to a strong move into next generation consoles. 

Coming into 2013 I consider the following the best chances to win game of the year at this point if 2013:

Grand Theft Auto V: Rockstar knows what it is doing with this series. They don’t release it annually like other top selling series, namely Call of Duty. This Grand Theft Auto isn’t slated for release for another 5 months and what I have seen this game looks like a blast, which is what the series is known for, even if it is tamer than competitor Saints Row. Grand Theft Auto fans know they will get a steller game, the company doesn’t release the game until it is up to quality standards. In fact two Saints Row games will have been released between GTA IV and GTA V and in my opinion it still doesn’t feel like it is a better game though to say it is a crap game would be a lie, Saints Row is a great game but I still feel it falls short to the GTA series even with it’s over the top gameplay. 

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6: Patriots: Like Call of Duty this is an military style game, unlike Call of Duty this is not a yearly release. I owned the first Rainbow Six game to come out on this current generation of consoles and it was a fantastic game. I look forward to playing this game because if it as fun as Rainbow Six: Vegas, it will be a strong game of the year candidate. Unlike GTA there really is no comparable game I can put this against except for Battlefield, and even that looks awesome. 

Battlefield 4: EA released Battlefield 3 with critical acclaim and it is still going strong. Despite not knowing a lot about the game it looks really good, it is scheduled to release late 2013 on current and next generation consoles. 

Watch_Dogs: While not much is known about the game, I like the concept of a fully connected city, and a fully realized city of Chicago. There should be more of this game known in the coming months. This game is scheduled for a 2013 release on current and next generation of consoles.

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Blacklist: The Splinter Cell series is known for it stealthy game play, but I have seen game play videos of this game and I am intrigued by the game. Usually I am not into slow paced games, this one just seems like it is full of action despite the stealth aspects of the game. I thought Splinter Cell Double Agent on the Xbox 360 was pretty solid so this is on my pre-E3 list of games. 

I am sure once E3 rolls around this list will be altered, but currently these games have the best shot to be the Current Generation games of the year, and strong entry games for the next generation of consoles. What games did I leave out that you would have put in there?