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Line Brawl breaks out in NHL pre-season game with names like John Scott and Phil Kessel involved

While many people were sitting back watching the Bears @ Steelers game on Sunday Night which included myself, there was a game between the Buffalo Sabres and Toronto Maple Leafs that took place. It was a pre-season tilt in which the Maple Leafs won 5-3.

But the talks about the game didn’t center around those 8 goals, the story of the game took place at 10:01 of the third period when there was a line brawl sparked by big John Scott when he jumped Phil Kessel off of a face-off. But to get an idea of what started this melee lets review the play before.

It all started supposedly by a taunt after a fight between Corey Tropp and Jamie Devane, people have said Devane taunted Tropp after the fight. I have looked at the video and I don’t see the taunt. Tropp ended getting injured in the scrap. But Ron Rolston the Sabres coach then claimed after the game that the tipping point was when Toronto sent out Devane and lined him up against Tropp on a face-off that followed a goal. Seems to me like the Sabres got their feelings hurt but a willing fighter getting his butt kicked.

The video of the scrap is below:

Now enter John Scott who lined up with Phil Kessel on the next face-off as I mentioned earlier. Scott ended up jumping and throwing a punch at Kessel before the next face-off even happened. Kessel backed away from Scott and delivered two hard slashes towards Scott before two Maple Leafs jumped in and tried to defend Kessel and that didn’t even include David Clarkson who came into the scrap from the bench and is expected to face an automatic ten game suspension for leaving the bench to join an altercation.

Kessel ended up paired off with Ryan Flynn and Kessel to his credit bloodied Flynn during the scrap. The best fight in that mess was actually the goalies, Ryan Miller and Jonathan Bernier who actually squared off against one another after the original fights took place. I guess it was only fitting because they truly were the main event of the whole melee.

After the melee the camera showed Phil Kessel going back over to John Scott who was still tied up along the benches with David Clarkson and Kessel speared Scott in the stomach area lightly which infuriated Scott to no end.

Suspensions are likely in this situation. i think Kessel might face a suspension for his slash attempts and possible his post fight spear. Clarkson is facing and likely to receive 10 games for his role in the fight for jumping off of the bench. And Scott might get a suspension for jumping Kessel before the puck was even dropped. However keep in mind that the incident took place before the 15:00 mark of the third period which means Scott’s instigator will not cost him any time under the starting a fight with less than 5 minutes left in the third period rule.

Anyway the video of the melee can be seen here:

The teams do not meet again until November 15th and again on November 16th in a home and home series.

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