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PS4 Controller Quick Impressions


The order for my extra PS4 controller actually came in yesterday, and it was a surprise because I had not seen anything to indicate it was on the way so imagine my surprise when it showed up. I was super excited to try it and test it out on a PS3 game to get a feel for it so I threw in NHL 14 to see if it worked, and it was pretty well functional, the joysticks did seem more responsive, even on the PS3.

The only buttons that did not work were the touchpad in the middle of the controller and the PS button which seems like of odd, but I am assuming that is because the PS4 home interface differs from the one PS3 has.

In terms of feel, I love the design, the feel of the controller as you are holding it, it has a smooth bottom making it comfortable to hold. The weight seemed about the same which is surprising considering the controller is a little bigger width-wise.

I love the new L2/R2 buttons, they are easier to reach and they have a little indentation which separates itself in terms of feel from the L1/R1 buttons which are both a little more round but flat like in the PS3 controller. The L2/R2 buttons reminded me why I loved the Xbox 360 controller which is because they’re easier to reach and easier to tell them apart from the bumper buttons. Sony did an amazing job with the controllers feel.

The only minus for the controls is that the Share and Options buttons are harder to find without looking because of the new touchpad, but with a little practice it will feel natural. And it will be worth it with the ability to share videos straight from your consoles and using the touchpad where available in game.

That’s about it so far, I can’t call this a review of the controller since I don’t have a game or the PS4 for that matter yet, so I don’t have a game that takes advantage of the share button or touchpad, but with my experience using the controller with NHL 14 on PS3 it feels like a nice upgrade over the Dualshark 3. But time will tell on how durable it really is because while the bottom feels good, I am worried it may be a little cheaply made which in turn could lead to dis-configuration of the padding down the line.


The PS4 controller does not work with all games, there is a list on Reddit that has a list of games the controller works with, the only big game it doesn’t work on that I saw was disappointingly Grand Theft Auto V. The list of games it does work with includes but is not limited to is Battlefield 3 and 4, NHL 14, Assassins Creed 3 and 4, and also Grand Theft Auto IV.

The control also does not come with a USB cable you will need to buy a Micro B USB cable, which fortunately for me, my cell phone has one. If none of your USB cables work, try using your cell phone charger, it might actually work like mine did saving me a little money and frustration.