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PS4 Quick Impressions

Console Impressions

The PS4 itself is a very fast console, the console loads up fast as do the games, I’d say within 60-90 seconds you’re into the game of your choice not including installing the game which after the first install should be a fairly quick process, although since I’ve only played NBA 2k14 so far it is something I cannot confirm at this point.

The interface is really nice on the console, it does take a little getting used to especially when you first start out since the layout went from being a side to side menu to a menu that has more of an up and down feel to it though the top of the menu has you in the familiar left to right and vice versa scrolling from settings to message and so on. The interface really is a step in the right direction. 

Something I have not had a chance to personally do is test out remote play, and do an online stream. There are reasons for this, I don’t own a Vita so using remote play is impossible right now, and I don’t have a streaming account for any service and it is something I am considering but have no idea if I’ll actually do it yet.

This weekend has been my first real chance to test out the PS4 controller and it feels great in your hand, it’s a bit wider in your hands but it isn’t that noticeable once you forget about that fact. The touchpad to me seems like an add-on to this point, I hope that more games use it as more of an asset than it is a requirement made by Sony. My thoughts on the bottom of the controller have kind of diminished a little bit, holding the controller for an extended period of time makes me believe that it is comfortable, but yet not as cheap as I was concerned about a week or two ago.

Another thing about the controller that I like is that slight indent on the L2 and R2 buttons, it is subtle  but it helps you separate the buttons on the top by feel as opposed to aimlessly hitting it without knowing for sure if you’re even pressing the right button. I guess as gamers if we use something like a controller long enough the button pressing becomes automatic without putting any thought into it.

NBA 2k14 screen

NBA 2k14

NBA 2k14 has me kind of hooked, I am not going to lie. The MyGM mode is clearly an improvement over last generations Association Mode. The mode is deep, but I am still in the beginning stages of purchasing abilities which is earned through playing games, or performing tasks the owner gives you for a certain season or off-season. You can also buy Virtual Currency but I refuse to pay for in game currency. Attaching Virtual Currency to a GM mode is a little insane in my opinion, I think it should be done by how much work you perform as opposed to buying the currency online as an option. There is no incentive to play the games or perform tasks if you can just buy the upgrades.

The game on the court looks stunning and plays very well on the court, although I am 0-1, and lost the other two games I started but didn’t finish. So as you can tell I am not good at basketball games, nor am I a big fan of the sport. I do enjoy an occasional basketball video game but I usually buy it every other year, or once every three years and it works out pretty decently if you don’t follow the sport that much as is the case with me.

But regardless I still have to dig into MyPlayer but I like what I’ve played so far, the game definitely makes the most out of its first game, and I think there is only more to come for the franchise. I just hope it can follow up this effort with a lot more in for future since the console is new and there is no way that 2k has utilized it’s power this fast.


NHL Gamecenter Live

The only video service app I have tried is NHL Gamecenter Live, and I was happy with the results. Mainly because when I used to use the service on the PS3 every few minutes with would have to buffer during play, therefore making the game a bit of a pain to follow. On the PS4 I have not run into a single buffering span, although I have noticed it will lag for a second on occasion but it is still a big improvement performance wise. In fact above is a screen shot I took of Calgary’s Lee Stempniak after a fight with Edmonton’s Andrew Ference.

The video highlights and classic games are a tad different, those have some skipping issues and are really hard to watch, so if you get NHL Gamecenter Live just for the classic games you might be disappointed with the quality of the video.

Overall this app gets a performance upgrade solely on the premise of the PS4’s power advancement over the PS3. If I had a better internet connection it may even be flawless, but I can’t confirm that.

To Do List

I still have a lot I want to do before I do any type of reviews, below is a list I can think of off the top of my head:

  • Play Battlefield 4
  • Download Resogun
  • Download Blacklist: Retribution
  • Review NBA 2k14
  • Review Battlefield 4

What’s Coming

Feeling a little let down by the launch games for PS4? Well coming within a year to the PS4 there are a lot of games including the following:

  • Watch_Dogs
  • MLB ’14 the Show
  • Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes
  • Tom Clancy’s: The Division
  • Infamous: Second Son
  • DriveClub
  • NHL ’15 (Not Confirmed But Expected)
  • Madden ’15 (Hopefully this is the real leap that Madden 25 just didn’t have)

So as you can tell depending on your preference for games, there are a lot of possibilities of purchases. If you like sports you might be interested in checking out the first next gen MLB and NHL games, or the first full year of next gen development of Madden. If you like shooters you’re in for MGS V, Watch_Dogs, and Infamous: Second Son.



Despite missing out on a couple of its hot games expected at launch Sony’s console does not suffer from the losses. The system itself is powerful in it’s own way, it has a few really nice features including ones I won’t have a chance to test out but eventually want to in due time including the remote play on the Playstation Vita, and the online game streaming on Twitch or UStream.

The games line-up while seemingly underwhelming compared to the announced launch titles, do a good job holding their own weight from what I’ve seen. While I still have to play some games, I think PSN games like Resogun and Blacklist: Retribution will eventually be Sony’s saving grace in the end. Not bad considering they’re both free for PSN Plus members.

Overall this is a great system with loads of potential for games to tap into, and I think that they will. But we’ll see how it all plays out over the coming months as to what games do