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E3 2014 Preview

E3 2014 Preview

This year’s e3 2014 should be very interesting because this will be the first year that the PS4 and Xbox One will be in existence coming into the event, so one would assume that game companies will want to impress and improve on the offerings they come out with. Especially with no real big time block busters out yet, this could be a great time to excite gamers about future games.

E3 as many will know is held annually in Los Angeles, CA and it features the latest games and gear to grace the planet. And in most years there is that one new game that steals the show. Last year it was Tom Clancy’s The Division and in 2012 it was Watch_Dogs.

This year however it seems that new games are getting revealed before E3, which is disappointing because while these new games will probably get their due at the show, it won’t be too big of a surprise to anyone, nor will anything about the new game wow the audience.

However with that said, the chances for a new game reveal is still there, especially since Ubisoft has yet to announce a new IP this year outside of Tetris Ultimate but that isn’t really E3 bombshell worthy.

What do I hope to see? I am glad you asked, I will go down them one by one of the seven things that I hope we see at E3 come Monday.

  1. Grand Theft Auto V for Next Gen and PC
    This would really steal the show at E3, and considering Rockstar Games has a great foundation for the game from it’s PS3/Xbox 360 offerings, it should really be a gem of a game if or when it goes to next gen consoles and high speced computers. Grand Theft Auto V could go from being a great game in terms of gameplay, but then get a major boost in graphics after that. GTA V could be even more amazing if Rockstar makes a next gen version.
  2. EA Sports putting on a clinic in their game reveals
    I would love nothing more than to see EA Sports put on a great show with their sports offering, in particular Madden and NHL since those are their two best games. EA will not have a Need for Speed reveal because they are not releasing a Need for Speed game in 2014, couple that with a lack of an NCAA Football franchise and the emphasis needs to fall on their EA offerings, so the entire line up needs to be strong from all of their offerings. Hopefully there is a bomb shell out of EA this year too, they sort of need it.
  3. Watch_Dogs 2
    I don’t know why I put this, especially considering how disappointing Watch_Dogs is for me personally. With that said however I do think that there is a strong foundation to be a great IP, and I cannot wait to see another Watch_Dogs dropped sooner rather than later. Ubisoft only needs to polish some things up and Watch_Dogs could have possibly taken over as the top open world style of game department.
  4. Will 2k come out with an NFL 2k15
    There has been rumors that 2K sports is going to come out with an NFL 2k15, whether or not that is true remains to be seen. Also if 2K comes out with NFL, will there be an emergence of the NHL series down the pipe. I hope so, because the more competition for EA the better.
  5. Battlefield Hardline
    This is pretty self explainatory. However to elaborate, I want to be wowed with this game, Battlefield 4 was sort of a let down with all of its issues, so hopefully A) Battlefield Hardline has a strong E3 showing like Battlefield 4 did and B) It has that holy crap moment like the one in Battlefield 4 when they showed off the buildings crumbling.
  6. Will Nintendo do anything?
    This is always interesting, the WiiU finally got a game that almost convinced me to go out and buy a WiiU and that game is Mario Kart 8. Nintendo needs to really come out with a strong showing during its E3 presser on Tuesday Morning. They need another console seller, with most of the games being developed for Sony and Microsoft consoles it is vital that the game comes from Nintendo given that EA, Ubisoft, and company probably won’t help Nintendo at all.
  7. Take Two needs to shine
    This can be done in a number of ways however since Take Two has the rights to many successful franchises such as Grand Theft Auto and 2K games. So an impressive showing one way or another could do wonders for the company. Ideally a GTA V PC, and Next Gen announcement coupled with a potential for NFL 2K coming back and WWE 2k15 and Take Two could have itself a nice little E3 showing.

E3 starts today with Microsoft, Sony, Ubisoft and EA taking the stage and it lasts until Thursday, so there should be plenty of things to cover and check out next week. So stay tuned and we should have a great deal of info to digest, break down and go over this time next week.