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WWE 2k15 Review (PS4/Xbox One)

WWE 2k15 is the first offering on the PS4/Xbox One and it was given a lot of hype by critics and fans leading up to it’s late October release. But does it live up to the hype? Let’s dig in a find out.


This year was the first year that 2k had a full development cycle to work on a WWE game, last year they joined the effort about midway the development cycle after THQ was sold off their rights after filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Studio Yukes stayed on to develop last years game before joining forces with Visual Concepts for this years title. So there is a lot of talent on board for this title.


The gameplay in this years title is a step in the right direction from the last game in this series that I played which was WWE 2k13 on PS3. The controls and match flow feel really good throughout the game (except for the career mode which I will touch on below). The game itself balances out pretty well, it is impossible to dominate an opponent for the most part because of timely reversals or they have a special add ons that can help them attempt to get a comeback going.

The disappointing thing that I did notice is that their appears to be no such thing as blood in the career mode, and after doing a little research online I have confirmed my fears. there is no blood in career mode. Though there appears to be an option to turn it on in the options menu for the rest of the game. Seems odd to me but it is not a big deal, a bigger deal would be if it is absent completely.

I guess if there is any complaints with the game it has to be with the gameplay in Career mode, in career mode it seems as if you are delayed in what you can do as a way to make your wrestler appear as bad as his rating would indicate. And by slower I mean when initiating moves you have like a half second delay before your created superstar goes for a grapple move, but conversely your opponent does not seem to have that issue whatsoever.

So there is pretty much my only major gripe with gameplay, otherwise gameplay is pretty solid.

Game Modes

MyCareer Mode

The first installment of the MyCareer mode is probably as bare bones as it gets from what I can tell, you go through a predetermined schedule, you follow the script and pretty much that is it. I’ve yet to have any form of decision to make outside of name, attire, and I choose to do my move set and entrance. But overall there is not much to say about this mode outside of it feeling like a very basic game mode with nothing special. Maybe as my career progresses it changes, but for the sake of this review, the mode seems pretty basic and stale.

2k Showcase

This mode takes a historical look back as you play through the mode reliving matches from years past and current events, all while unlocking several different things but mainly ring attire for the nights event that had a featured superstar. Again this is a mode that forces you to play through as predetermined set of matches and events, very much like the MyCareer mode but less annoying since this is how it is supposed to go.

Other modes

WWE Universe

I guess this is supposed to be somewhat of a GM type mode, I did not really get that much into it, it felt like more forced matches and so on. It has clues to it too but I never gave it much of a chance to figure out what the clues lead to, I might down the road but I just do not see the purpose right now.


This sounds as it reads, this means you can play any way you want. However you will notice that matches such as First Blood and Special Referee are missing from the mode. On a positive note you can make title matches in this mode, and even double title matches.


Audio in this game is a disaster, from a lacking soundtrack to a disastrous commentary effort. Thank God this part of the game is the worst because if the rest of the game followed suit than there would be a lot to worry about with this game.


Like NBA 2k the visuals in this game are great, I mean graphics do not make the game, but these graphics certainly makes up to an extent the lack of polish in the commentary.


WWE 2k15 is a solid game in the ring, the action feels pretty good whether you are in a no holds barred match or whether you are in a one on one singles match, the only difference is the severity of the action. Overall gameplay feels like a step in the right direction, though I did notice some weird things once in awhile, but for a debut on a new console it plays fairly well in a sport that is hard to replicate.

Too bad the game modes don’t match up to the in ring experience, it is hard to get into a career mode with no say in what you are doing except for the actual matches or editing a move set or entrances. The only other thing to do in career mode outside of wrestling is allocating points to your skill point slots. Unless something changes once you finally get onto one of the big shows, but until I get into the mode again it will be hard to tell. The other modes feel the same way, which is restricted. The only mode that offered any real choices was Play and that is because you can actually choose the matches and which titles are put up. I’d love to see the return of Create a PPV, that was a great mode, I wish 2k would consider adding that into the game in the future.

Visually the game is impressive, the game might feature some of the best visuals in a sports game to date. The graphics really do steal the show. Unfortunately though, the game suffers from an audio disaster, the soundtrack is annoying and bland. And the commentary keeps talking about educated feet which makes about a much sense as…. actually there is no nice way to put it, lets just say the commentary is a disaster and call it a night.