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Western Digital MY PASSPORT® X Review

Western Digital was nice enough to provide me a review copy of their My Passport X hard drive which is meant to be used as a gaming hard drive on the Xbox One or the PC. I received my unit from Western Digital in early April and I have taken the last couple of months to make sure it works as I ran it through a couple months of on and off gaming, typically WWE 2k15 since that is one of the only games I play on Xbox One since I am typically on the PS4.

However after two months of playing off of the hard drive (designated as the default hard drive for future installs) I have not noticed any problems with the drive itself, it works as intended and that is a good thing, especially considering the MSRP of $139.99, it better work for that kind of premium money that this hard drive commends.

The set up process for the device is pretty simple, all you have to do is plug it in and set things up on the console itself. Once the Xbox One recognizes it you can set it up as the default hard drive, which to me was pretty cool. I mean honestly I was not close to maxing out my 500GB hard drive on the Xbox One, but I wasn’t going to pass up an expansion opportunity either when it comes to memory.

I admit I did not test this unit out on the PC, I had planned on using this on the Xbox One only, so I never ran it through the PC set up, or ran any PC applications or saved any files onto it from that stand point, however if it runs as good on the PC as it does on the Xbox One than you’re set because as I mentioned at the top, I have had zero problems with it whatsoever and that honestly is all that matters. Especially when it comes to storage of games and media stored on your console or PC, especially the PC with all of the different files you could save on this drive.

While I have had a great experience with the drive so far, I will admit that the true test will be over the long term meaning that will the hard drive last throughout the consoles life cycle? If not, will it last for five years or longer? Will Western Digital be a potential storage provider for gamers in the future expanding its reach outside of the PC market for generations to come? This is Western Digital’s first video game hard drive attempt, and it is far to soon to say if it will be the first of many to come, or if it will end up with bugs in the long run. Overall though, through the first two months, I am very impressed with the results of the hard drive, it runs as well as the internal hard drive, and that is to be commended.

Score: 9/10

This is a superb device for anyone looking to expand their Xbox One hard drive storage. At the time of this writing it is going for 999.00 on Amazon with free 2-day prime shipping, and it is going for $99.99 on Western Digital’s online store and Best And at that price it is a nice and easy storage upgrade solution if you are looking for a quick simple fix to your lack of system memory.