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Gen 4 Sports Games

Recently I have gotten to thinking about the current state of sports games, and overall I think we could and probably should be further along in the process. In particular EA’s NHL series, which bums me out as a huge hockey fan.

However it isn’t all bad, the NBA 2k series has been very good and very successful, but to me it is hard to find another game that comes close outside of MLB the Show.

All EA Sports games seriously lag behind when it comes to sports game of the year material, I would say the closest is Madden and even that game is not too close to games like NBA 2k or MLB the Show. EA’s NHL game fell flat out of the gate and NHL 17 seems like it could be a solid offering finally, well if Franchise mode pans out. And NBA Live……. Well it lost it’s step when Vince Carter was still slamming home since sick dunks in the mid-2000’s. But overall I thought the last couple were decent offerings finally.

But overall when you consider the sports landscape you have to stand in awe in how little progression we’ve seen since the transition to PS4 and Xbox One. I would love to say otherwise but I just can’t, the games themselves seem to be out of ideas.

Which is why I am excited to see how NHL 17 improves on it’s Be a GM Mode which is being dubbed as Franchise Mode, which will allow relocation in a hockey game for the first time ever, which could be a cool concept if done right. I was a little excited for Franchise Mode in Madden but it really seems like more of the same except prettier.

So what do you guys think? Should Sports games be further along? Is it just a sports game issue or should video games in general be further along?