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The AHL needs more exposure

By Kevin Gesterling

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There is one thing I have noticed since the NHL lock out of 2005, the American Hockey League does not get nearly enough airtime. When you look at it the AHL is lucky to get 3 games a year on national TV and that is not enough for the NHL’s top development league.

When you really consider it the NHL should be looking for a way to get its top development league on its own network, even if it means doing its own broadcasts instead of taking feeds from Sportsnet in Canada or LeafsTV. Not everyone has an interest in the Canadian based American Hockey League teams.

This is why I am calling for the NHL Network to invest in the AHL, it needs to be done, it is long overdue. The American Hockey League is the best kept secret hockey has because no one exposes the league to the masses. Therefore the AHL tends to suffer from from a lack of fanfare outside of those with an AHL team such as me with the Providence Bruins.

So I am starting the conversation here and hopefully this can latch on and become a discussion point in the future. I am sure I am not the only one who wants to see more action from the American Hockey League. And I am sure the demand is higher than anyone realizes.

Lets get all of our voices heard, and lets get more AHL action on the national stage. The league deserves it and the league needs it.

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